FLORIM 弗罗润 | 弗罗润与环境可持续性发展理念

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弗罗润与环境可持续性发展理念的渊源可追溯至很久以前。始于上世纪 60 年代,随着时间的流逝,环境可持续性发展理念已成为弗罗润业务模型不可或缺的一部分。

弗罗润与环境可持续性发展理念的渊源可追溯至很久以前。始于上世纪 60 年代,随着时间的流逝,环境可持续性发展理念已成为弗罗润业务模型不可或缺的一部分。

Florim and environmental sustainability go back a long way. An awareness that began in the ‘60s and has become an integral part of our business model over time.

在过去的六年中,弗罗润目标投资总额超过 4000 万欧元,常规生产管理实践也推动我们在保护环境和资源方面取得了全新的重大里程碑。

Targeted investments worth more than 40 million Euros in the last six years and routine production process management practices have enabled us to achieve major new milestones in the conservation of the environment and resources.



Water is precious, of inestimable value, because it is the source of life.

弗罗润于多年前几乎就已经消除了废水排放对环境产生的影响。实际上,弗罗润工厂生产排水 100% 可循环利用。

Florim virtually eliminated its environmental impact from wastewater discharge many years ago. In fact, all water from our plants’ production cycle is 100% reused.


What’s more, with our partners we have developed systems that operate without using water, making them even greener.




In a world where use of natural resources is at unsustainable levels, businesses must do everything possible to cut waste.

弗罗润旗下所有工厂可 100% 回收再利用陶坯废料以及干粉残留物。

So Florim decided to recover and reuse 100% of greenware waste and dry powder residues, in all our plants.

此外,弗罗润已达到企业内外部总废料 99% 可循环使用。除了企业生产周期内所产生的废料外,弗罗润也能够回收利用来自其他生产商的废料。

Moreover, the company is able to recycle almost 99% of total waste, internally or externally. Besides the waste from our own production cycle, we are also able to recycle waste generated by other producers.



弗罗润已安装超过 45,000 平方米的光伏板和两个热电联产工厂。在最佳情况下,弗罗润可自行生产工厂所需的全部电力。

We have installed more than 45,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels and two cogeneration plants, and in optimal conditions we now self-generate up to 100% of the electricity needed to run our factories.

更重要的是,光伏板的使用降低了二氧化碳的排放。自 2011 年以来,弗罗润已经减少了超过 1000 万公斤的二氧化碳排放量。

What’s more, our photovoltaic plants have cut CO2 emissions. Since 2011, we have saved more than 10 million kg of CO2.

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